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My life is going to the dogs


Dogs have always been a part of my life. I grew up with a yellow lab named Tally, I’ve volunteered at Humane Societies, fostered and trained a seeing-eye dog puppy, and recently I adopted my own precious mutt.

Tally and I getting ready for the big game

It all began on my fourth Easter morning when I found a special egg. Inside the pink plastic shell was the name Tally and directions to a nearby farm. At the farm a little ball of yellow fur was waiting, for me. Tally and I grew up together. We camped together, swan together, I even taught her how to dive underwater and fetch toys in the pool. She slept on the floor in my room and made it through 14 years of life right up until I graduated from high school. She was a great dog.

Next came Cronie, don’t worry we aren’t responsible for the name, she was named by a family that paid a lot of money to sponsor a guide dog. Cronie was destined for greatness. She came with an entire binder full of directions and guidelines. She was going to make a difference. She was also a little pill. Cronie was an interesting guide dog puppy; she peed in a blockbuster, tried to steal groceries, and had a penchant for chewing shoes. I think the final total to date is 14 pairs. But we all grew to love her, and when that fateful day came for her to go we all cried. However, about a month later a letter came. Cronie was chosen to be a breeder and she could come home. She had a litter of nine pups, seven golden labs and two black ones. They were so cute, and the best part was Cronie was now our pup to keep.

Cronie in her puppy coat

Cronie's pups

Then it was time for me to head off to college. I said goodbye to my dogs and packed up my car. The first month I was so busy I didn’t have time to miss them, but when things slowed down I sincerely began to miss my furry friends. I went to the only outlet I could think of the Stillwater Oklahoma Humane Society. I walked the dogs, giving them respite from the tiny kennels where they spent the day. It was fun and I once again had contact with some puppy love.

Rory and her pal Angie

Now I live in Colorado, and it wasn’t long before I succumbed to the desire to raise my own dog. I knew I wanted to adopt. My search led me to RROC, Retriever Rescue of Colorado and to Rory. Rory is a husky-lab mix and is one of the smartest and most mischievous dogs I’ve encountered. She came from a tough life, but now at nine months old she’s already 50 lbs. and when she jumps on two legs her paws reach my shoulders. She’s a pain in the butt just as often as she’s a blessing. But this dog is the epitome of man’s best friend, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world.


Getting to know me


Born in the beach side town of St. Petersburg, Florida, I have lived the majority of my life appreciating the sand and surf. It wasn’t until I moved to the mountains of Colorado that I realized snow is just as much fun.

Now I live in Denver with my dog, a lab/husky mix always following me around. I am a student at the University of Colorado studying English Writing, and crossing my fingers that some day I’ll see my name in print.