Get in the Game


Do you want to try freelancing? Get some publishing credits? It’s time to get your work out there.

Writer’s Digest– This is a great website for all things writing related. You get great tips as well as useful information from people who really know this business. Writer’s Digest also sponsors several writing competitions that are perfect to showcase your work. The short-story contest is even published in a bound book and sold. It’s a great opportunity to write what you want, and maybe get published or earn some cash. – Here’s another place to check out some cool contests. Everything is listed on one easy to read page with links to the official site. This site also has helpful tricks and tips for writers who want to freelance.
Craig’s List – Check out Craig’s list for some writing jobs. Sometimes it can be as simple as a person needed to write a daily blog entry or write for an online magazine. They change daily so check back often. You could find a great start to a career as a freelance writer.
Freelance Writing Jobs – This is another site that you can check out available freelance jobs. It is a great source of information beyond available jobs as well. It gives information on copyright and business tips too. You can even advertise your company if you need freelancers.
There are tons of options out there for writers all you have to do is look!
Be sure to check out Editors and Predators before submitting your work. This site is amazing and will tell you how trustworthy the company is.

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