Keep Making a Scene


I’m sure your characters are fabulous, zany, and one of a kind, but what about the world they live in? Your scenes need to be just as engaging as your characters. The reader wants to be a part of their lives and creating a realistic and viable scene is a major step.

1. USE SENSORY DETAILS: It’s more than merely telling the reader what is in the room, you have to explain it in a way that appeals to their senses. What did the room smell like, could you feel the briny ocean breeze? Take advantage of your 5 senses and draw the reader directly into the scene.

2. BE REALISTIC, BUT CREATIVE: You want your reader to understand where the characters are. So if you tell them the scene is taking place in a kitchen there are certain expectations, maybe a refrigerator or stove, a sink. Your job as a writer is to describe these things in a manner that is unique to the story and the characters.

Fantasy and Science Fiction commonly delve into unknown scenes, but these writers also have to be realistic. If your characters float through the scenes or interact with unexplained objects your readers are lost. The unique and fun theatrics you make in a cyber world or fairy realm are great, but if a reader can’t visualize them you’ve developed all that creativity for nothing.

3. INTERACT WITH THE SCENE: Have your characters interacting with their surroundings. Real people don’t just stagnantly stand in a room doing nothing, no they sit on the sofa or wash their hands. They rake their fingers across the leather bound books, leaving a trail on the dusty bookshelf. Characters live in the world you created, so be sure to show that.


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