Kindle Review


Amazon’s product the Kindle is fodder for many debates. I can’t tell you how many times I have been on an airplane and the person next to me leans over to ask about my Kindle. They listen patiently as I tell them about the cool functions, it can store thousands of books, you have access to free wireless and have book delivered in under a minute, a glare free screen, and the added bonus of more room in your suitcase or purse. They stop listening after about the second item and start concocting their counter argument, but I love holding a book, you know turning the pages.

Now I can’t say I don’t relate. I will still buy my favorite authors in paperback or hardback and I still return to the library to flip through the yellowed pages, each with its own unique smell. I still love holding a book, but let me tell you the Kindle is a wonderful device for avid readers.


Like I said, the 8.5-ounce eReader can hold thousands of books. That is significantly less weight to lug to the airport or bus stop. Your library is alphabetized and you’re never going to lose a book.

No glare… enough said.

It’s just a few clicks and you can purchase new books from your Kindle, with free Wi-Fi. The books are delivered in less than a minute. This means if your plane is delayed you can start a new book at the drop of a hat rather than purchasing the only available novel in a gift shop.

You’ll never lose your books. Your electronic library is stored under your Amazon login and will always be saved. This means you can run over your Kindle with a car (trust me it happens) and still have access to your entire library. There are also free kindle apps that make accessing your Kindle library easier. You can now read eBooks from your smart phone, tablet, or computer and it’s all free.

Free books! There are thousands of these floating around on the net. From basically any classic literary book you can image to the free promotions some authors dish out. Check out Kindle Nation Daily for daily deals.

Some textbook are also available in Kindle format, you can even rent them. It’s cost efficient for cash-challenged college students, like me, to purchase eBooks for classes. It’s also lighter to carry than that 5 lb. physics book.


The annotation software is still a little complicated to use. While you can still highlight and annotate your books finding the annotations can be difficult. There is a “clippings” section that will show the highlighted line, but notion else in relation to the book.

No page numbers. This is another thing that makes access highlights and annotations difficult. (Note this is going to be fixed in upcoming software updates.)

The Kindle screen is delicate. My dog stepped on mine and broke it. I would suggest getting a case and leaving it in a safe location, especially if you have animals, or young children running around.

  While the Kindle may seem like an expense I can guarantee   you will get your money back in a month. Kindle books on       average are cheaper than the printed books and with all the    free stuff out there you are bound to rack up some savings        really fast. So take my advice and invest. You may be wary     at first, but trust me after you’ve tried it you’ll never want to     be without it.

Check it out for yourself, HERE!


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