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I found three blogs aspiring authors should definitely take a look at. They’re run by literary agents, Nelson agency is even in Denver, and make the path to publication even easier!– Pub rants, short for publishing rants, not bar complaints, is run by Kristen Nelson. She owns a literary agency in Denver and posts tips and tricks for getting noticed by agents. Her informal posts are typically weekly and give great information for those seeking representation. The clean, user friendly design is easy to navigate and fun to read. My favorite section is about nailing your query letter. She even gives examples of queries she loved!– Nathan Bransforf’s blog is loaded with fantastic information. As former agent for Curtis Brown Ltd. he knows all about representing big time authors. The layout is a tad cluttered, but it is all relevant information and wanna-be authors will love his funny, but extremely valuable advice. He has won numerous awards for this site and gives writers everywhere an inside look at what really goes down in the publishing world.– Janet Reid another literary agent uses a sassy, personal style of giving information in her blog. It may not always be about sinking a book deal, but it is still informative and hilarious. I will say if you are specifically hunting for advice turn to Pub Rants or Bransford’s blog first, but if you are interested in a fun casual blog Reid is your cup of tea. Her layout is nothing special and just a typical template, but it’s easy to read and the book recommendations along the side are clever. The plain jane style really forces readers to really focus on the wit and humor of her blog rather any fancy text or banners.


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